Ringstand Mortar

The mortar ringstand is a larger version of the machine gun ringstand. This bunker gives significant protection to mortar crew within the firing position and to stockpiled amunition within a reinforced magazine. The firing position features a pedestal on which the mortar is mounted. The magazine is adjacent to the entrance.

This particular type of emplacement would be situated to support a defensive fortification. The mortar would be zeroed on a designated area of the defensive perimeter and, in the event of attack, it would be ready to drop high explosive shells into an attacking formation on short notice. Similar emplacements were fitted with armored cupolas and contained artillery.

Like the machine gun ringstand, this bunker would be covered in earth with only the ring exposed top-side and interlinked with trenchworks. The reinforced curb above the door was cast to protect adjoining trenchworks from direct fire.

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