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CS6554 Computer Graphics 2 – Lab 5.1 – 3D Textures

Even though the requirements for the Renderer Project have already been satisfied, I decided to extend the project to apply a few other aspects of Texturing using Perlin Noise. Because of the characteristics of Perlin Noise, it can be generated as a three dimensional texture as well. Where a normal texture or image can be considered a flat sheet of color data as in wall-paper or gift-wrap, three dimensional textures can be thought of as volumes of color data more akin to materials like stone. A two dimensional texture requires some form of specified mapping algorithm to wrap the three dimensional model, but a three dimensional model can easily be mapped to a three dimensional texture through a generalized algorithm as there is no conversion from one space to another.

The following images are renders of three dimensional textures generated with Perlin Noise.
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